Frequently asked questions…

COVID-19 update

You can travel, but do it in a safe way and remember to keep a record of your journey. We will help track this for you.

You should not travel if you: have been requested to self-isolate/quarantine, have symptoms of COVID-19, or are awaiting COVID-19 test results (except if traveling in a private vehicle following advice from a Health officials, Healthline, a hospital or your GP).

You cannot travel if the travel would breach, a direction under s 70(1)(f) of the Health Act 1956; this will likely be the case if: you have arrived in New Zealand from overseas in the last 14 days, or you have otherwise individually received (from a Medical Officer of Health) a direction under s 70(1)(f) of the Health Act 1956.

Physical distancing and public health guidance applies (except for private vehicles). As we are classed as a private vehicle, we are following our safe driving & cleaning standards.

Can you pick us up from the Airport?

If you fly into Queenstown, Dunedin or Christchurch we can pick you up and bring you to your accommodation or head straight to the trails for a ride. Alternatively we can arrange a fixed wing or helicopter flight which can transport you to Wanaka Airport or lodge.

Can we create our own tour?

Absolutely. Because we have the luxury of a private tour, we can make adjustments both in the long and short term where possible. It is important to us that we create the ultimate tour of the Queenstown Lakes region for you, your family and guests.

If you have any requests, please get in touch and we can build an itinerary that suits you, while at the same time remaining flexible.

Can you arrange snacks, refreshments and dining options?

Yes. If you have any dietary requirements, let us know. There are numerous cafes and restaurants  we can recommend and book for you. We have snacks and refreshments available in the van.

How many people can come along?

We currently have a 7 seat van, comfortable for 6 guests. If you have more people interested, other transport is available and can be arranged.

The bike rack carries 5 bikes and our purpose built trailer carries 12 bikes with plenty of lockable storage.

My partner is more experienced than I am, how far are the rides?

It is important to us that you take on a ride that is the perfect distance. This may change on a day-to-day basis depending on weather, energy levels and maybe how much wine you all enjoy!

Our hand-picked rides cater for all abilities and fitness levels. Ranging from a simple and supported 10 minute ride along the lakefront to a full day road/trail ride with van and GPS support.

Often, we have an eBike / regular trail bike combination option available for people in the group. This gives our guests the comfort and security of staying together.

Can you look after our kids while we go for a ride?

Of course! We are flexible with this. Sometimes we set guests on their way and meet up at the lunch destination. We aim to please everyone in your party and keep even the little ones entertained.

Can you drive us up to the ski areas?

Our 4-motion VW van is fully equipped to handle the mountain roads. An all-wheel drive van provides the safety and assurance to get you to the slopes in time for the sun-rise or when the mountains open. Our host Richie has plenty of years driving experience up and down the ski area access roads and will make sure you have everything you need to have a great day in the mountains.

Can we stop for photos?

Capturing memories are all part of the fun! Our host Richie also is co-owner in 360 New Zealand and can recommend camera settings, locations and editing techniques if required. If at anytime you would like us to stop for pictures, absolutely, we will show you the best spots.

What are the road and trail conditions like?

This depends on where we go and will choose the safest options we have available along with what we have permission to ride.

Fine chip gravel is on most trails and there is sometimes a white line to ride next to if you decide to choose the road option. Keeping left is very important along with giving way to walkers.

Check out our Instagram account @remedytoursnz to see our recent imagery – you can see the feed on the homepage.

How much are the tours?

This largely depends on what your needs are. Van & trailer, bikes, platter and time. For example an exclusive hire for van and trailer only is NZL$150 per hour. Both normal and eBikes are available at standard rental rates starting at NZ$85 including GST.

Talk to us about how we can include a fresh food platter for 2 – 6 guests.